Principal Investigator

Dr. M. Carmen Galan

Reader in Organic and Biological Chemistry


Senior Lecturer 

Dr. Monica Berry  

MSc(Tel-Aviv), PhD(Bristol)

Senior Lecturer in Cell Glycobiology




Dr. David Benito                     

PhD from Universitat Rovira i Virgili 
Tarragona, Spain



Dr. Sandra Medina Villar                   

PhD from Universidad San Pablo CEU, 
, Spain
Dr. Abhijit Sau

PhD Bose Institute, Kolkata, India

PDRA Johan Gadolin Process Chemistry Centre, Åbo Akademi University,
Turku, Finland

Dr. Jordi Mas

PhD in Organic Chemistry (IRB Barcelona, Universitat de Barcelona)


PDRA UMR 8638, Université Paris Descartes.


PDRA ICSN (CNRS, Gif-sur-Yvette)

Dr. Juan Carlos Palo Nieto


RS Newton International Fellow


PhD in Organic Chemistry (Pharmacy, Universidad de Sevilla)


PDRA Stockholm University, Sweden

Miss Imke Sittel (soon to be Dr.)

PhD, University of Bristol

Diploma Thesis University of Kiel
EPSRC funded



Mr Steven Street

MChem University of Reading

Chemical Synthesis DTC

Co-supervised with
Dr. Juan Carlos Morales
(CSIC, Granada, Spain)
and Novartis
Mr Stephen Hill

MChem U. of Sheffield

Chemical Synthesis DTC

Co-supervised with
Dr. Monica Berry 
(Physics, Bristol)
Mr Chris Redeker

MSci University of Bristol
Co-supervised with
Dr. Wuge Briscoe
Mr. Tom Swift

Co-supervised with
Dr. H. Whitney (Life Sciences)
and Dr. Ruth Oulton (Physics)
Miss Victoria Levario

Co-supervised with

Dr. M. Berry (Physics)
Dr. A. Barnes (Physics)
Dr. B. Drinkwater (Engineering)
Mr Ryan Williams

MChem University of Durham

ERC funded
Mr Michael O'Hagan
 MChem University of Oxford

 Chemical Synthesis DTC

 Co-supervised with
 Dr. Juan Carlos Morales
 (CSIC, Granada, Spain)  and Novartis



Miss Sarah Michel

MChem University of Oxford

Chemical Synthesis DTC

Co-supervised with
Dr. Wuge Briscoe
Dr. Mark Denbow and
Prof. Terence Cosgrove
Miss Sadiyah Sheikh

Co-supervised with
Dr. Monica Berry (BCFN/Physics)
 Dr. H. Gersen (Physics)
Mr Sylvan Penasse

Master University Joseph Fourier,
Grenoble, France

ERC Funded
Miss Claire Webster

BSc University of Durham
Miss Maristela Martins-Teixeira 

FAPESP funded visiting PhD student

from the group of Prof. Ivone Carvalho 
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Ribeirão Preto, University of São Paulo, Bazil.

Mr Daniel Marquez Martin

MChem from Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain 



Project students and research visitors:


Miss Riturpana Goswami
Master in Life Sciences - Biophysical Chemistry - Bose Institute, University of Calcuta, India.

Miss Jade Zhang

MSci University of Bristol


Mr Harry Fox

BSc University of Bristol
Mr Ryan Cairns

MSci University of Bristol